Who we are

Free lance consultant in the vehicle repair industry

Alessandro Muscinelli

Mechanical Engineer with years experience in the Porsche 911 world. Has allways developed multiple skills in the DIY repair of vehicles in a self owned workshop near Lake Maggiore in Italy.

His acquired expertise is made available as consultancy for the acquisition of used Porsche 911's or plans for extensive restoration.
Alessandro has already rebuilt three Porsche 911 engines in his free time, and fully restored two other 911's - 3.2 Coupé G50 My87, and 2.4S Targa My73.

At the moment, Alessandro is restoring a Porsche 2.2T Targa: tinwork, welding for the inside and outside sills, floors, chassis and complete overhaul of the engine.

He is allways attracted by new challanges, with multiple diffrent projects, and with all classic cars. 

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